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UX Cabin is a design agency based in Cleveland, Ohio. Being fully remote brings challenges to onboarding and setting employees up for success. This design sprint creates a digital solution to onboarding issues a smaller company has.


5 day sprint 

User interviews
Affinity mapping
User Flows
Usability testing 


David Applebee
Karen Mork
Joe Montero 
Muneerah Rahman



Initial interviews

Our goal was to have each intern interview an employee at UX Cabin and gain foundational knowledge of our users needs and wants through this sprint.

David - Veronica Lopez (Associate Designer)

Joe Montero - Travisse Hansen (Senior Designer) 

Muneerah - Andrea Mckinley (Associate Designer)

Karen Mork - Beth Morrison (Marketing)


Veronica Lopez Interview

Themes and Takeaways 

1. Users desired a structured onboarding framework so that they are able to guide themselves during onboarding tasks without outside assistance.

2. Having an HR contact point person was desired.

3. FAQ document or a resource hub would benefit new hires. Allowing multiple questions to be answered in one space.


Affinity mapping of user interviews


Day 1 (Map)

UX Cabin is a smaller design agency, with only one management level employee that is not regarded as HR or point of contact. The team of interns were asked to create a digital product that improves UX Cabin onboarding.

First, we established what we were trying to solve by understanding who and what our users needed. After this we began brainstorming what to solve for. For time's sake we voted on what seemed to be most important to users. 

Then we organized "How might we". This is important very every step hereafter because we are establishing a goal. Our stakeholder "Seth" wanted to have a digital product that helps smoothly onboard new employees.  


Screenshot 2021-12-23 112124.png

Brainstorming notes

Screenshot 2021-12-23 112240.png

Organizing HMW

Screenshot 2021-12-23 112323.png

User flow for ideal onboarding

Conclusion of this day results in Flow of user.

1. Hired with email with video link to UX Cabin website
2. Able to sign in signing all required documents
3. Able to navigate to onboarding tasks
4. Given questions arise ability to ask questions and see a FAQ page


Prototype link


Full report


Day 2 (Sketch)

Day 2 we come to the point where we begin sketching out out user flows. Crazy 8's was implemented on this day to help the team move forward with a design.

We wanted to know the best possible outcome for our product. Will be building an app? desktop? or a portal? We decided on collaborative thought processes to use existing UX Cabin website. Adding a portal for employees to be onboarded and able to view everything in one place.



1102211451 (1).jpg
image (2).png
image (3).png

Each Intern drew a flow of onboarding looks and tasks. These sketches were shown to our stakeholder in regards to which flow he liked the best. 



David & Karen.png



Day 3 (Decide)

Majority of our design sprint has been torn between what the user needs are, our time constraints, and deciding which course of action is best to pursue. 


Seth Likes

  • HR buddy/ HR helper pairings

  • welcome video

  • FAQ

  • forum

  • projects you'll be working on


Team Likes

  • intro video to UX Cabin

  • "Let's get started" feature

  • "Congrats you're all set" at the end

  • Welcome email with login details & video

  • Resource and tasks tiles are organized by sections

  • "Meet the team" page has your contact person/ buddy highlighted

  • calendar at the end for your meeting with your buddy

  • Checklist function

  • percentage tracking/ progress bar for completion

  • FAQ page

  • Help center support page

  • past projects (Seth preferred - assigned projects)


Voted Features

  • FAQ page with forum at bottom

  • Calendar meeting set with HR buddy

  • progress bar for completion of tasks

  • Projects page

  • "Congrats you're done"

  • email greeting w video & info

  • tiles for tasks, etc (categories)


Screenshot 2021-12-23 143359.png

Our flow that our user will take and will test with usability testing.


Screenshot 2021-12-23 143749.png

Rapid mockups completed by all four interns


Time to make a decision and begin building out our prototype.

Team settled on what you see below


Day 4-5 (Prototype/ Test)

Prototype link


What I learned

Design sprints are a challenge to begin with. Solving our problem and how we can build a digital product is only of piece of the puzzle. Organizing data and notes with other members of your team can be another beast altogether. This sprint further polished my remote collaborating skills. Never sacrificing quality, but knowing when to make cuts and push on other areas.  Thank you for reading!


Next Project:

Screen+Phone (6).png
Group 24.png


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