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David and his dog max

Living my best life

I grew up in the mid-west particularly, Ohio. I Attended Kent State University which is also in Ohio. I love to travel when given the opportunity. I recently visited Seattle, WA and witnessed some Orca whales which was always been on my bucket list.

I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in November 2011. This has taught me to have discipline and pursue things relentlessly. I consider myself a jack of all trades. So far 2 skydives, 3 countries, and a new puppy named Max. I love music and art as well! 

I am always open to chat about pretty much anything! I love to know what makes you passionate and if I can help in any way. Having an open mind is a plus.

Most recent interests are oil pastel paintings and snowboarding.


darth vader oil pastel painting
Olivia and max
David Chicago
Jurassic world live tour
kayaking in florida
driving in florida
David at the saint pete beach
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