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100 day UI Challenge

This is a 100 day challenge to polish UI Design skills. Each work day is a prompt to a design. This is a work in progress but please feel free to view my dribble as well.

Screen+Phone (5).png
Day 1

Design challenge 1. Design a sign/login page

Cover (1).png
Screen+Phone (1).png
Screen+Phone (2) - Copy.png

Sign up

Sign in

Day 2

Design a credit card checkout

Mockups options - Copy.png
Daily UI 2.png


Day 3

Landing page for a business

Group 21 (1).png
Day 4

Calculator design

Mockups options (1).png
Day 5
iPhone 13 mini - 4.png


Screen+Phone (4).png


App icon. These are several different versions. Black background was the final choice

App Icons.png
To see more content please visit my dribble page
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