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Recently created for sales at WellSky Discharge and Guide digital products becoming integrated. This is taste of my prototyping skills.


Also including a guide step by step. This generated multiple deals leading to over 2 million in sales revenue for WellSky.

Navihealth was acquired by WellSky in an effort to increase patient care as CarePort and Navihealth were main competitors in the Health Post-Acute space.

CarePort offers variety of post acute products such as Discharge planning, Intake referral management, Connect, and Insight among other integrations. 

My current role as apart of this transition process is working with Product owners, Product managers, Engineers, and VP of product to align rebranding of navihealth to Careport.



Due to the privacy nature of this work I am restricted in sharing certain details.

Here is a list of current/ past initiatives in the workspace.


  • Design system building and maintaining. (Atomic design model) 

  • Research involving current/past users of Intake & Discharge planning. (Qualitative)

  • Web/mobile rebranding of products.

  • PDB Loader, IDP Registration, Intra-org Mobile, Facility Groups, Bed Availability, Document Tagging,  and User Focus Groups are among my current projects for CarePort.

  • UX Backlog from previous UX efforts.

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